Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

Through watching Singh’s short films, it could be detected how often the reliance on technology, that leads to the persistent surveillance throughout one’s life, impacts everything that surrounds us.

In the first short film “Tresdancing”, the way technology seemingly enhances the quality of life is stressed and showcased prominently. The way one girl’s whole academic journey could be greatly affected by just wearing an educational gadget is all reason why one may think that technology is and always will be means of success. I feel like two points could be the main ones: the way that shortcuts to success always have a price, along with how one should not abandon their values in order to reach a certain goal. In addition to that, the open ending -personally, I assume- is a final piece that gives the suggestion that technology could be the means or the actual obstacle if one has to act out of character in order to reach a certain goal, and that is the part I enjoyed the most.

The second short film “Blaxities” is a film that describes how social media affects a girl’s medical condition by tracking her activities. The things learned from such a film are that social media apps have access to many personal data about us without our consent. I learned that social media platforms’ main goal is collecting data about users to control how their life operates. The thing I will be changing in my life by using social media is taking a closer look at the things I am agreeing to such as the terms and conditions of applications and deleting any app that has excessive access to my personal information. The mystery of applications works really gets me every time I research that topic. It is really giving me the adrenaline of both excitement and fear at the same time about myself. With the amount of information they collect, are there any unethical actions done? Can this information be sold to governments and other organizations?

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