Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

I watched these two videos on algorithms (Safiya Noble and Joy Buwolameni) and read this article: Engine Failure. I would like to first introduce the term Algorithmic bias which is the computer errors that result in unfair outcomes such as bias in denying giving loans to qualified persons. Algorithmic bias in search engines is since those search engines are about popularity. This means if most people search for the word “Science”, when you try to write “Sci” the first thing that will come up is “Science”. I didn’t know about this term before these videos and readings. I thought that computers and codes are accurate machines that do whatever they are ordered to, and I thought that there will be no flaws as they are human-made. I learned that people clicking on the first link that appears makes this link a top selection when searching for it even though it might be false. Therefore, learning how to not believe and rely on just search engines to find information and can be one of the things I should change in the way I am using search engines.  I would have like to discuss how these algorithmic flaws and biases appear and happen and what is the psychological and mental effects that result from showing an example like “ Why is black people so” in the video on the searchers. The only main question that really pops in my head is how these algorithmic biases happen with us, humans, giving the computer all the orders to be done. Is it intentional or not?

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